Blog - 2 Bottleneck Tips to Overcome Threats of Data Loss

2 Bottleneck Tips to Overcome Threats of Data Loss

Sunday, June 3, 2018 10:16:16 PM America/Los_Angeles

In USA thriving economies have an undeniable link to the success of technology. Though, with these advancements comes the threat of hacking, cybercrimes and malware. Network security is a growing concern for American organisations, as technology evolves, so will the nature and prevalence of cyber threats. Much like taxes and death, cyber security has become a part of our day-to-day lives and it is something that can have a negative impact on both individuals and organisations.

With companies attempting to find more effective ways to connect with their consumers, the concern of cyber security is posing a huge risk and, because of close ties, has potential to compromise customer loyalty and trust.

Tips to Overcome Threats of Data Loss

A threat to customer retention:

Consumers are starting to make direct decisions on whether or not to continue using or consider using a specific product or service based on the organisation’s cyber security flexibility. If an organisation is known to have a weak cyber security posture, consumers are consequently less likely to either continue using the product/service or are unlikely to opt-in at all. This is owed to the fact that consumers are becoming more aware of the impact of a network security and have become increasingly cautious as to who they give their personal and/or financial information to.

Traditionally, cyber security is not viewed as a strategic issue, and though businesses predominantly use digital as their route to the customer, they are not always engaging with cyber experts. Many organisations have not interrogated the ways in which criminals could potentially exploit their systems and do not appreciate the level of technology present in their products.

From boardroom to basement:

Over and above IT, cyber security can touch on Human Factors, Legal and Compliance, Leadership and Governance, Information Risk Management and Business Continuity. When it comes to cyber security, I see employees as the weakest link due to phishing and social engineering attacks. Cyber criminals are less inclined to take the more difficult, technically challenging approach to compromise an organisation when it could potentially be as easy as an email or phone call to an employee.

Social engineering through techniques such as phishing emails is a key and common element to all major cybercrime campaigns, which underlines the importance of organisations needing on-going security awareness campaigns and training for their staff to help in minimising the success rate of these “human-based” attacks.

Battle Strategies:

Companies need to safeguard their integrity on internet. Educate your employees and clients about the need of security on web. All too often, the company's cybersecurity is compromised by the negligence of one employee on their roles. That person may click on a spam e-mail thread or may use a poor password, which in effect, become the hacker's key to unlock the company's assets on the web. Companyies need to ensure their employees know what the latest scams are, what are the latest network threats, and how they can help in ensuring that these do not affect their owwn company

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The truth of the matter is that with every passing day, cyber attackers are arming themselves with new tricks. So it is up to you to secure yourself from networking threats

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