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Welcome to BIYTC, is an advanced IT systems integration company focused on business efficiency and infrastructure optimization. As a fully engaged company, we specialize in providing network support services to businesses and campuses all over. The mission of BIYTC is to transform the way in which companies purchase, maintain, and upgrade their current IT equipment and provide IT infrastructure improvements with business solutions which help organizations run more efficiently, create a competitive advantage, and scale to serve its’ business and client needs.

BIYTC’s solution team will earn your trust as an advisor on business and technology issues. We provide expert advice, robust technical skills, and impeccable customer service, all while being cost-conscious and adding value that drives process improvements and enables you to open up new avenues of growth and innovation. We achieve these goals by providing senior level onsite, remote engineering teams, pooling human resources globally, collaborating on skillsets/resources, top-tier industry partners, and the latest in innovative automation tools.

As technology continues to grow into the unknown, maintaining an archaic network platform is virtually impossible. Procuring the proper network support solutions is important to the efficiency and security of your business.

Transitioning to the newer platforms of mobile, social, and cloud technology as well as more global networks in exchange for local networks takes time and the right solutions and services to do so. At BIYTC, we offer full range of network support services and equipment to actualize the proper network needs of your company.

Our IT Hardware ranges from some of the best network brands; including Cisco, Adtran, Brocade, and much more. We provide premium routers, switches, servers, storage, and wireless equipment; both new and refurbished. Our IT Hardware caters to the specific network support solutions of your organization’s needs. Additionally, BIYTC provides hardware maintenance that is a blend of OEM and alternative maintenance.

In addressing every IT need of a business, BIYTC also provides a comprehensive program for asset management. This includes buy backs, repairs, e-waste disposal and a variety of other services. The goal of BIYTC’s asset management is to help companies receive better value from their IT assets and costs. Additional BIYTC network support services include Carrier Services, Cloud Services, and Leasing.

Through close collaboration and effective partnerships, BIYTC is driving innovation in the way of more optimal network support services and solutions.